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What We Did On Eurotrip 2003

Day 1:-

Coach from London to Calais via Eurotunnel. Every one went off to explore Calais (briefly!) and have lunch. Coach to Brussels -great group dinner at one of Brussels oldest and most famous restaurants. Stayed in hotel near the world famous Grande Place.

various pictures of Brussels
Day 2:-

Morning- Coach tour around Brussels followed by walking tour (for those who wanted it!) of the sights in the centre of Brussels .
Afternoon- Meeting at Mayor of London's Brussels office to discuss ageing policies and how the Euro Parliament can help U.K. Pensioners.
Evening- Night out; suit yourselves individually what you did - although we did seem to bump into various members of our group around town!

Day 3:-

Morning- left Brussels .
Noon- arrived Luxembourg, for lunch! Visited Chagall exhibition.
Evening- arrived Strasbourg. Our hotel was on the edge of the town on the banks of the Rhine. Free evening, a lot of us walked over the bridge into Germany for dinner.

Strasbourg sights
Day 4:-

Morning- visited the centre of Strasbourg and did our own thing until- 2 p.m. sat in on session in the chamber of the European Parliament with the benefit of simultaneous translation of what the various nationalities of Members of the European Parliament (M.E.Ps) were saying. Met with and questioned many of the London M.E.Ps in a private conference room.
Evening- Group dinner sponsored by an M.E.P. in an historic restaurant by the river.

The European Parliament, Strasbourg
Day 5:-

All day- tour of the "wine route" through Alsace with visits to 2 wineries and tastings ( and lunch!).
Evening- everyone free to do their own thing, but we still kept seeing each other around Strasbourg.

Day 6:-

Morning- left Strasbourg , coach to Arras (via Verdun for lunch ).

Evening- explored the ancient centre of Arras .

Alsace and Arras
Day 7:-

Morning/afternoon visited the underground tunnel complexes used during the first World War to house and conceal the allied troops before they attacked behind the German front line.
Evening- Surprise last night celebratory (we'd come this far without losing anyone!) dinner in a restaurant in the picturesque main square for the whole of our group (not forgetting Dave our splendid driver.)


Day 8:-

Coach back to Calais , Hypermarket shopping and return to London .


About 5 weeks later:- Reunion get-together to meet the Mayor of Camden in his Parlour at Camden Town Hall for drinks, eats, chats and exchange of (hopefully) embarrassing photos!
meeting with mayor

Stephen Newman

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